March 12, 2016

Committee Group Page


We are always looking for volunteers to boost our committee! We need help with fund raising and small jobs to help us run a successful group.

The Glenore Grove Scout Group Support Committee

The Group Support Committee is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Group, including finances, den and equipment upgrades, maintenance and fundraising. The Group Support Committee meets once a month, with these positions gazetted at the Annual General Meeting.

The Glenore Grove Scout Group appreciates the support provided from the parents and guardians of its youth members. Parents and guardians may wish to contribute further to the success of the Group by joining the Group Support Executive Committee, participating in fundraising activities, or simply assisting the Leaders on a meeting night.

2017/2018 Current Committee Support Members:

  • Group Leader: Peter Askew
  • President: Jackie Davis
  • Secretary: Wendy Perkins
  • Treasurer: Lisa Durston
  • Quatermaster: Lloyd Patchin
  • Groundsman: Position vacant

Committee Meetings:

Our Committee meeting every 4th Monday of each month at 6.30pm at the Den.

Annual General Meeting:

Our Annual General Meeting is held in May each year to go through our years achievements and to elect new executive committee.

Our next AGM will be held on 22nd May 2018 at 7 pm.

Positions on the Group Support Committee include:


The tasks of the chairman can be summarised as:

  • Chair monthly meetings of the support committee
  • Delegate tasks
  • Liaise with the Group Leader on non-uniform issues
  • Lead the committee to achieving the year’s objectives as defined by the Group Leader
  • Ensure that tasks delegated to other members are fully completed and on time. – i.e.
  • make sure that what is supposed to happen – happens and happens smoothly.
  • Being a signatory to Group accounts



The Committee Secretary is a direct support to the Chairman. He or she:

  • Records and circulates minutes of monthly meetings
  • Ensures that whole-of-group notices are properly distributed and timely
  • Provides copy for coming events for publication in the Group newsletter or electronic
  • equivalent
  • Assists the Chairman in tracking and overseeing tasks
  • Is a signatory to Group accounts



Proper money management is vital to the Scout Group. The treasurer needs to:

  • Maintain books of account for the Group
  • Receive and bank money from Member Subscriptions and record.
  • Follow up and resolve any outstanding subscriptions in consultation with the Group
  • Promptly pay all regular accounts and other accounts as directed by the committee or
  • Group Leader
  • Track income and expenses against the group budget and report monthly.
  • Prepare an annual statement of receipts and expenditure and a balance sheet for
  • submission to the Auditor and to the Annual Meeting.
  • Be a signatory to Group accounts


Hall and Grounds Maintenance

This task involves:

  • Keeping an eye on the state of repair of grounds and hall including electrical, plumbing,
  • walls, roof, windows, doors locks, lawns, trees and so on.
  • Attending to minor repairs and maintenance as observed or reported (a maintenance
  • book is a good idea)
  • Drawing the committee’s attention to larger requirements
  • Planning and managing working bees
  • Maintenance of globes in outside floods and in main hall and rooms.



It is the responsibility of the Quatermaster to:

  • Maintain a record of all equipment – an inventory
  • Run a booking system for users of the equipment to book ahead, receive the equipment
  • and record its return
  • Store all equipment in an appropriate and central facility
  • Properly care for and maintain equipment