March 12, 2016

Venturer Scout Page

Venturer Scouts is for males and females aged 15 to 17* who are in for challenges and who would like to gain extreme life skills. *These ages may vary up to 6 months.

What do Venturer Scouts do?

Venturer Scout programs are designed by each unit! Venturers are provided the opportunity to choose their own activities to suit the needs and interests of each unit member. The trained Venturer Leaders are mentors to unit members to provide adult support in organising the adventures. Venturer Scout programs can involve:

  • Traveling
  • Diving
  • Leadership and management qualifications
  • Kayaking
  • Astronomy and meteorology
  • First-aid qualifications
  • Planing expeditions
  • Abseiling
  • Mountain bike riding

Venturer Scouts Meetings

Venturer Scouts meet every Friday night at the Den from 6.00pm to 8.00pm during school terms.

The Scout Promise

On my honour, I promise that I will do my best: to do my duty to my God, and to (the Queen of) Australia, to help other people, and to live by the Cub Scout Law. 


On my honour, I promise that I will do my best: to my duty to my God, and to Australia, to help other people and to live by the Scout Law.

The Scout Law

  • A Scout is trustworthy
  • A Scout is loyal
  • A Scout is helpful
  • A Scout is friendly
  • A Scout is cheerful
  • A Scout is considerate
  • A Scout is thrifty
  • A Scout is courageous
  • A Scout is respectful
  • A Scout cares for the environment

The Australian Venturer Scout Award Scheme

The Venturer Scout Award Scheme is designed to widen Venturers’ interests and knowledge, while challenging them at the same time. It assists in planning a balanced program based on the Aims and Methods of Scouting.

The Award Scheme is not compulsory for Venturer Scouts, but those who do attempt it find they have a lot of fun while discovering new things.

There are four main components to the Award Scheme. These consist of the Venturing Skills Award, the Venturer Award, the Endeavour Award and the Queen’s Scout Award. In addition, Venturers may earn a number of special badges depending on their interests.


Primary Venturer Scout Badges

Venturing Skills Award

First up the Venturer Scout will need to gain the Venturing Skills Certificate and badge. A sponsor will be appointed (either a Unit Council member or an experienced Venturer Scout) who will help you acquire the basic skills which will allow you to enjoy and participate in the outdoor activities that form part of the Venturer Scout program and also explain the award scheme. Previous experience in Scouting can be used to obtain credits for the individual components of Venturing Skills, subject to Unit Council approval.


Venturing Skills Award

Venturer Award

The Venturer Award is gained by participation and is a great way for the individual Venturer Scout to achieve an Award based on personal best and challenge through activity areas. There are 13 activity areas, five of which must be completed as well as any other two. This is a step toward achieving the Endeavour and Queen’s Scout Awards.

Venturer Award


Queen’s Scout Award

The Queen’s Scout Award is highly regarded in the community at large and the Royal Certificate is presented to the Venturer Scout by a representative of the Queen. The requirements are designed to be inspiring and challenging and to take you to a much higher and demanding level. In some States and Territories, your Queen’s Scout Award could be registered on your School Exit Certificate. To achieve the ultimate in Venturing, complete all 13 Venturer Award activity areas and any four at Queen Scout Level (1 per area).

Queen's Scout Award


Endeavour Award

The Endeavour Award allows you to pursue an activity area of your choice from the Venturer and Queen’s Scout Awards, and take your knowledge to a higher level of expertise. You need to undertake significant research, effort and application for a period of at least 50 hours beyond the level required for the Queen’s Scout Award. You do not need to have gained the Queen’s Scout Award to attain the Endeavour Award, although you may complete both if you wish.

Endeavour Award candidates may also complete a VET course and receive a Statement of Attainment in any Adventurous Activity Area.

Endeavour Award


Rover Link Badge

The Rover Link Badge links Venturer Scouts to the Rover Section and is the next step towards the summit of the Scouting journey. Completion of this badge prepares the Venturer Scout for advancement to a Rover Crew. To earn this badge, formal contact must be made with a Rover Crew prior to joining one and Rover activities must be participated in with at least one being an overnight activity.

Rover Link Badge

Leadership Development

Unit Management is compulsory at the Venturer Award Level

Leadership (Queen Scout level) Leadership (Queen Scout level)
Unit Management (Venturer level) Unit Management (Venturer level)
Vocations (Venturer level) Vocations (Venturer level)


Personal Growth

Ideals is compulsory at the Venturer Award Level

Expression (Venturer level) Expression (Venturer level)
Expression (Queen Scout level)Expression (Queen Scout level)
Ideals (Venturer level) Ideals (Venturer level)
Ideals (Queen Scout level) Ideals (Queen Scout level)
Lifestyle (Venturer level) Lifestyle (Venturer level)
Lifestyle (Queen Scout level) Lifestyle (Queen Scout level)
Pursuits (Venturer level) Pursuits (Venturer level)
Pursuits (Queen Scout level) Pursuits (Queen Scout level)


Outdoor Activities

Initiative is compulsory at the Venturer Award Level

Expedition (Venturer Level) Expedition (Venturer Level)
Expedition (Queen Scout level) Expedition (Queen Scout level)
Initiative (Venturer Level) Initiative (Venturer Level)
Outdoor (Venturer level) Outdoor (Venturer level)
Outdoor (Queen Scout level) Outdoor (Queen Scout level)


Community Involvement

Environment and First Aid are compulsory at the Venturer Award Level

Citizenship (Venturer level) Citizenship (Venturer level)
Environment (Venturer level) Environment (Venturer level)
Environment (Queen Scout level) Environment (Queen Scout level)
First Aid (Venturer level) First Aid (Venturer level)
Service (Venturer level) Service (Venturer level)
Service (Queen Scout level) Service (Queen Scout level)


Scouts Badge Placement


More information

For more information on Glenore Grove Venturer Scouts contact our Group Leader by phone or email. For more detailed information on Venturer Scout Award Scheme or Scouting in Queensland visit or phone 1800 SCOUTS (1800 726 887).